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Prevention for Protection (Pt. 2):
Tools to Combat Sexual Assault Against Children

Transforming trauma into action for others, Jessica T. White has been the voice for children who have been sexually abused and has made a tremendous impact on her community.

We all want to help others through worthy causes, but often we are unsure of the best way to build support.

Jessica T. White will be joining Carl Shawn Watkins and me, Charlene V. Brown, on this upcoming episode right here on Real Talk Live!

Add this to your calendar so you can join the conversation!


Your Show Co-Hosts

Co-Host; Vulnerability Executive Consultant

Carl Shawn Watkins

Carl Shawn Watkins is an experienced business leader and consultant with a highly diverse and successful background in multi-disciplined leadership.

As owner and CEO of Carl Shawn Watkins Consulting, he works with executives, leaders and teams in developing and sustaining their vulnerability in leadership and impact.

Carl Shawn adds a powerful mix of useable and sustainable approaches that will see individuals, teams and organisations achieving greater performance through vulnerability.

Co-Host; Website Architect & Brand Strategist

Charlene V. Brown

Charlene helps give website strategy and tech clarity for Black women Solopreneurs and small business owners transitioning into their 6-figure businesses.

Building an active, powerful network takes work and she's here to do her part in helping Real Talk Live guests get the shine & support they deserve.

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